This world is magnificent for strangers and pilgrims, but miserable for residents.

- Henry Ward Beecher
Warren, the Pilgrim

Hey there, thanks for stopping by.

I am Warren and have enjoyed an amazing life so far ( I think ), from sitting around boardroom tables, working with some of the largest corporations in the world to driving naked on a scooter in Thailand, and many things in-between.

This is my second year on sabbatical, a journey that has been nothing like I had imagined.

I commit to learning a new skill every year and this website is one of the 2020 results.  

Here you’ll find a collection of personal reflections and recollections as I try to find the lessons on my pilgrimage, 

Maybe it will inspire some of you out there who just want to get unstuck!

I hope that you will hang around and keep coming back as I progress on this journey.

The Pilgrims Journey Blog


Who doesn't?
I have travelled to 30 countries on 5 continents.
To me travel opens up new worlds, new experiences and new memories as I embrace everything new - smells, sounds, tastes, cultures, languages, beliefs and values.


Photo school taught me the technical aspects of photography, but more important my photos freeze a certain point


Having a dream is good, being flexible enough to that life is a journey and not a destination opens you to embracing all the stops along the way.

My Titbits

In Afrikaans we will call this a "mengelmoes" (mishmash) of thoughts and ideas that don't necessarily fit into a regular category - but I want to share them anyway.

Some of My Pics